New engine, revamped design, brand new equipment: the legend of the V7 reaches its highest expression yet.

V7 Stone

Available Colours:

6934  ₤

The Bike:

This represents the entry level model to the range, more for the versatility of its style than for essentiality in its equipment. Thanks to the new lightweight, minimalist alloy wheels, the new V7 Stone attracts a more varied audience than the other two versions, clearly inspired, even in the chromium plating choices, by the legendary Moto Guzzi bikes of the past. The plain colour combined with the simple design of the six split spoke wheels enhances the brightness of the chromium plating and the various metallic tones, providing the whole package with great appeal and modernism, representing the ideal base for developing new aesthetic personalisations.
The lightweight alloy wheels allowed a reduction of 1440 grams at the front and 860 on the rear, with a consequent drop in gyroscopic inertia of about 30%, an advantage in terms of dynamics which translates on the road into greater agility and speed entering turns.

The design of the new V7 tells of the historic lineage of the model through a mix of forms and volumes which cite the famous ancestors, from the V7 750 Special remembered in the accents and the side panels, to the V7 Sport, which influenced the tank, the main new feature introduced in the new V7.  

A change in look, now more imposing in form and capacity, the new tank brings with it a superior material perception of metal with respect to polyethylene, the material which was used to make the previous unit. This is thanks to the most advanced moulding technologies which allow construction of a metallic tank which is the same size, but lighter and with greater capacity compared to the previous polyethylene unit, reaching a record value of 22 litres which, together with the reduced consumption, ensures a range of up to 500 km. This is further proof of the design philosophy that guided the entire V7 project where innovation of the processes restored the pleasure to the rider of gripping a real, resounding metal tank in true Moto Guzzi tradition.


The rest of the new V7 design confirms that alchemy of tradition and modernism introduced in 2008 with the first V7 Classic, where, through the generous chrome trim, enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the cigar shape of the silencers, the dials on the instrument panel, clearly inspired by the Veglia-Borletti from the 1970s, the flat and long saddle, with the proud "Moto Guzzi" inscription emblazoned on the rear part as well as the new valves covers. 


The Moto Guzzi V7, iconic and prestigiously manufactured, is now available in three versions, two touring and one sport, respectively the V7 Stone, V7 Special and the V7 Racer. Just like in 1971 when the sport version completed a range made up of the dominating V7 and V7 Special.